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A great deal of research suggests that there are better times to eat – for health, performance and body composition. The science suggests that much of this is related to circadian rhythmicity. Therefore, in this article I will cover a brief overview of circadian rhythmicity, the bidirectional relationship between your circadian rhythm and diet and […]

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Why meal timing matters (part 1): what is a circadian rhythm and why is it important?

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Many sports supplements do not live up to their hype, but beetroot on the other hand consistently seems to help improve performance – and if you’re less fit, you are likely to notice the benefits even more! What I love about taking beetroot is that it can simply be a standard part of your diet […]

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Beetroot to level up your performance?

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Losing body fat, is a common body composition goal – but the type of fat matters when it comes to health. Why is fat important Classifying fat tissue according to function Different fat cells for different functions Where you store fat matters: subcutaneous & visceral How does what fat you have impact your health Does […]

Dieting, fat loss, lifestyle, nutrition

Your guide to fat: why what fat you have matters

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Under eating is more common than you’d imagine, especially in the health/fitness/wellness community. Whilst main stream messages are focused on telling us to eat less, undereating is actually very unhealthy and severely so when it becomes chronic. Table of contents: Why under eating is so common Why under eating isn’t healthy Low energy Sugar cravings […]

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Signs you might not be eating enough

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Nutrition and training are potent tools to lose fat and gain muscle, but is it possible to use them to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? Table of contents: What is body recomposition? Nutrition and body recomposition Non-nutrition factors that influence body composition Training Stress Sleep Who can recomp? Steps to set […]

Dieting, fat loss, muscle gain

Can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

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So you have been nailing your diet and training consistently but want to level up your performance? This is where when you eat can make a tangible difference. As usual, some science is included, but feel free to skip to the sections that you want. Table of contents: Debunking the myths Popular claims made around […]

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Nutrient timing – time when you eat to level up your performance?

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This article explores the concept of starvation mode, the science behind it and whether it is the reason you are not losing weight. There are also some tips to help you progress weight loss diet forward. The concept of “starvation mode”: The term starvation mode is popularly used to describe a slowed metabolism in response […]

Dieting, fat loss, nutrition

Starvation mode – what’s the deal? And tips to overcome your weight loss stall…

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