Everyone has unique nutritional needs. There’s no one size fits all.

We’re here with a smarter approach to reaching your health and performance goals.

Personalised nutrition, lifestyle, and habit change support, for you to perform at your peak - whether that’s in the gym or the boardroom.

Registered Sports & Exercise Nutritionist & Performance Coach

We work with athletes & high achievers, educating them on how to fuel their bodies best. 

Antonia works with athletes and high achieving individuals who
want to achieve peak performance in all areas of their life-
whether that’s on the pitch or in the boardroom.

WORK WITH antonia


1:1 Performance coaching

1:1 Weight management



Performance nutrition
Fat loss & weight management
Muscle gain & reverse dieting
Mindset coaching
One off education & nutrition consultations

Expertise include:


Nutrition consultation


Our 1:1 performance nutrition coaching programs have successfully facilitated hundreds to feel & perform at their best.

AD, professional dancer, global spin instructor & athlete

My recovery times significantly improve & my performance went to another level.

Antonia gave me clear structure & guidance with what to eat & how much to eat & importantly WHEN to eat.
I am so grateful for her expertise, experience & kindness - I am in a completely different place now.

RH, fitness instructor.

I came to Antonia because I just wasn't happy with my body, I wasn't recovering quickly enough & I was just sick of not really knowing what I was doing when it came to my diet.

Antonia helped me with an amazing plan that was all about me - it’s made me feel great - I have sustained energy now & no dips. My body is stronger & leaner but I actually care less about it & have developed a better relationship with food. And my performance has improve SO much. Not just at work as a fitness instructor but in my personal life too.

I love how I eat now & my life.

SW, boxer. 

I wanted to cut down my body fat levels, but not have my performance suffer.

Antonia's guidance got me exactly where I wanted to be, whilst actually increasing my energy levels.

I've also learnt a lot as I didn't realise how misguided I was when it came to nutrition, body composition & performance, Super pleased I made the decision to invest in me!

SM, marathon runner

I was low in energy & couldn’t lose stubborn fat despite training a lot. I really went to Antonia to lose fat but it’s been WAY more than my diet - I actually feel like a different person.

Yes i've lost weight, but I LOVE my body, and have learnt so much about food and how to fuel myself. I am performing BETTER than I can ever remember & am back to loving running.

I didn't expect this experience to help me so much- I’m so grateful to Antonia.


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