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When it comes to nutrition & lifestyle change, Antonia’s goal is to...

She is passionate about reshaping people’s attitudes and behaviours to food, their body and life.

Antonia has an MSc Distinction in Clinical Nutrition from University College London and BSc in Human Physiology & Biochem, during which she qualified as a personal trainer.

As a Registered Sports & Exercise Nutritionist, she's coached clients globally via a nutrition app, as well as in person at various clinics in London.

She now provides 1:1 & group personalised nutrition & health coaching, combining evidence based science with real world experience for high performing active individuals.

She blends a holistic understanding of the individual with science based strategies for clients to overcome barriers to meet their goals.

She focuses on creating holistic & sustainable results through habit change in nutrition, training, sleep and stress management.

Antonia specialises in body recomposition, fat loss, muscle gain, and improved health and performance for active individuals.

Works with athletes & high achievers from London to LA, seeking optimal health & performance.

Antonia Osborne
MSc Distinction, RNutr (AfN).

i love to travel... from yosemite, to mexico to the alps!


i eat waffles pretty much every day and most days they involve some kind of random ingredient... courgette waffles anyone?


you will often find me on a bike, spinning is my jam... always to a great beat! music is key!


a few things you might not know about me...

the qualifications

  • MSc Clinical Nutrition, UCL – DISTINCTION
  • Registered Nutritionist (Association for Nutrition) 
  • Research: Role of the ketogenic diet in the health and performance of an athlete.
  • BSc Human Biology and Biochemistry, University of Leeds
  • PGCE, University of Oxford
  • PGCert Psychodynamic Counselling, University of Oxford
  • Certified personal trainer, exercise referral qualified (REPS, L3)
  • Registered Sports & Exercise Nutritionist (AfN)

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