Ready to level up your performance?

Want to know what & how to eat to perform better?

Training hard but can’t lose stubborn fat?

Or are you tired of recovering slowly?

If you want to create change, time to start taking action….

Antoniaosbornenutrition helps individuals optimise their nutrition & lifestyle habits so they can improve performance in their 

Job & career


And meet their:

Lifestyle goals: fat loss, muscle gain, general health

Training goals: improved performance & recovery

Antoniaosbornenutrition is evidence based & collaborative, so that individuals can develop the awareness and lifestyle habits that allow them to thrive for the long term. 


Perform at your peak 





Imagine if you could...

1:1 performance coaching 

If you want to level up your performance & develop eating strategies that optimise your recovery, this programme is for you. Mindset coaching & stress management is also a popular part of this programme depending upon the individual

• 60-Minute Initial Consultation and Action Plan
• 30 minute check-in calls every week or 2 weeks
• Email support & follow up
• Access to instant chat messenger
• Nutrition Journal Review
• Sports nutrition supplements guidelines
• Vitmain & minteral supplementation guideline
• Optional mindset coaching
• Continuous support & accountability

Highest level of support & accountability 



1:1 weight management coaching

Whether you want to lose fat, or gain muscle, the weight management coaching programme is designed to help you achieve lasting results without fad diets, and is not just limited to athletes. You’ll be provided with the nutrition education

• 60-Minute Initial Consultation and Action Plan
• 30 minute check-in calls every week or 2 weeks
• Email support & follow up
• Access to instant chat messenger
• Education on healthier cooking, meal planning & eating out
• Nutrition Journal Review
• Recommended nutrition supplements
• Mindset coaching
• Continuous support & accountability


Nutrition consultation

• 60 min initial consultation
• Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
• Resources & education to help you implement the recommendations
• Email follow-up

For those who just need direction & want to find out more

AD, professional dancer, global spin instructor & athlete

My recovery times significantly improve & my performance went to another level.

Antonia gave me clear structure & guidance with what to eat & how much to eat & importantly WHEN to eat.
I am so grateful for her expertise, experience & kindness - I am in a completely different place now.

RH, fitness instructor.

I came to Antonia because I just wasn't happy with my body, I wasn't recovering quickly enough & I was just sick of not really knowing what I was doing when it came to my diet.

Antonia helped me with an amazing plan that was all about me - it’s made me feel great - I have sustained energy now & no dips. My body is stronger & leaner but I actually care less about it & have developed a better relationship with food. And my performance has improve SO much. Not just at work as a fitness instructor but in my personal life too.

I love how I eat now & my life.

SW, boxer. 

I wanted to cut down my body fat levels, but not have my performance suffer.

Antonia's guidance got me exactly where I wanted to be, whilst actually increasing my energy levels.

I've also learnt a lot as I didn't realise how misguided I was when it came to nutrition, body composition & performance, Super pleased I made the decision to invest in me!

SM, marathon runner

I was low in energy & couldn’t lose stubborn fat despite training a lot. I really went to Antonia to lose fat but it’s been WAY more than my diet - I actually feel like a different person.

Yes i've lost weight, but I LOVE my body, and have learnt so much about food and how to fuel myself. I am performing BETTER than I can ever remember & am back to loving running.

I didn't expect this experience to help me so much- I’m so grateful to Antonia.


working with antoniaosbornenutrition

Once you’ve scheduled your initial consultation, you'll be emailed a short but detailed form to fill in. This will cover relevant background history- current nutrition and lifestyle habits and desired goals. This will help inform your initial consultation.

STEP ONE - Complete yOUR nutrition, health and lifestyle form

Over Zoom, we'll discuss what you’re seeking to achieve, identify your outcomes and can set goals. We’ll review where you are right now with you nutrition and health and agree on the optimal route to get you on track - these recommendations will be emailed over to you within 48 hours post session.

STEP TWO - Initial consultation

Whether we catch up via review sessions or through your coaching package, these are opportunities to adjust the plan based on any changes in body composition/appetite/training/preferences. Accountability, support and creating the right habits are essential for results. 

STEP THREE - review sessions or monthly coaching

got questions?

I've seen nutritionists/dieticians in the past - how will i know this is right for me?

You can schedule a free, no strings attached 15 minute discovery call to briefly discuss!

Is it necessary for me to complete the nutrition and health form before we meet?

Yes please! It helps inform our initial consultation to make our time together most valuable. 

Do I receive a meal plan as part of the service?

I do not provide standard meal plans - for more information about why, check out my blog post on it. However, if you feel a meal plan is particularly important for you, then we will work together for you to produce this!

How many consultations will I need?

This is completely based on preferences and needs. The majority of clients meet with me every other week, however, others meet monthly. The number usually reduces as you progress closer to your goals and have all the right habits for you set in place! 

What’s the difference between booking review sessions and the coaching package?

The coaching package has been designed to optimise the development of sustainable new habits and create results which are long-lasting. The bimonthly reviews provide opportunities to adapt your plan so that you can track towards your goals in a timely fashion. A fortnightly period is the ideal check-in time to review, reflect and adapt any actions if necessary. These reviews along with the weekly message/email contact provide the support and accountability – both shown to be integral to achieving health and performance goals with nutrition.

The coaching package model is particularly effective for individuals who are making significant or sustainable lifestyle changes or on a fat loss journey towards optimal health. It’s also helpful for individuals with time-framed specific health or performance goals. 

If booking review sessions, then you will still be provided with recommendations of when to book in! Review sessions can obviously be more ad-hoc!

How do I know whether the monthly coaching package is right for me?

What if I want to make changes to my appointment?

schedule your discovery call now